TOKENSKY TOKYO 2018 (Asia's top Blockchain conference on July 4th-5th 2018)



VIP_A …120,000 JPY
Admission ticket (2 days)

Lunch tickets (2 days)

Reception Party (2 days)

VIP_B…70,000J PY
Admission ticket (2 days)

Lunch tickets (2 days)

Reception Party (July 4th) ticket

VIP_C…70,000 JPY

Admission ticket (2 days)

Lunch tickets (2 days)

Reception Party (July 5th) ticket

Standard…Advance Ticket 5,000 JPY -
Admission ticket (2 days)

Tour…30,000 JPY
Keynote speech at Cryptocurrency exchange

Dinner party


World’s Token Economy and Blockchain Projects Will Meet in Tokyo

The new and innovative blockchain technology has received a lot of attention in various fields around the world. However, currently it is only seen as an investment.

This time Asobimo will hold Asia’s biggest blockchain event “TOKENSKY” in Tokyo together with TokenSky Organizing Committee (China), aiming to develop blockchain and build systems for worldwide cooperation.

TOKENSKY is the largest event for token economy and blockchain industry in Asia. Experts, such as economists, professors, investors and entrepreneurs gather and discuss about the opportunities and problems of the innovative blockchain technology.

Over 50 speakers, including famous DApps game developers on the stage

Many popular projects are coming to Japan!!

On the stage at TOKENSKY TOKYO, you will have a chance to listen to Nedrick, the developer of “Etheremon”, the popular new DApps game. You will also have the opportunity to see ALIS ambassador Kiyosui.

Yukio Noguchi Advisor of Waseda University Institute for Business and Finance. Emeritus professor of Hitotsubashi University. Author of “Cryptocurrency Revolution” (publisher: Diamond, Inc. 2017).

Masashi Nakajima Professor of Reitaku University Faculty of Economics. Joined Bank of Japan and works for Institute of Finance and BIS, Bank for International Settlements. Author of the bestseller “After Bitcoin” (Publisher: Shinchosha).

Others joining the event include creators of new game markets in China, Switex, WAX, BitGuild, Axie and so on.

We will hold a gathering as well to activate the blockchain community

To activate the token economy, it is essential to have token fans interact by exchanging opinions and sharing visions and information. This can lead to new ideas in the blockchain technology and industry.

This time at TOKENSKY TOKYO we are planning to hold an opening tour for the token economy lovers as a great chance to interact with many people. Please participate!



July 4th, 2018 (Tue) Venue open: 9:00, Event: 9:30-18:00,

Reception party: 19:00-

July 5th, 2018 (Wed) Venue open: 9:00, Event: 10:00-18:00,

Reception party: 19:00-

Note: There is a possibility of changes in the times.

Venue : Belle Salle Shiodome (entire building)

Interpretation: Stimultaneous interpretation possible (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

Address: Belle Salle Shiodome, Sumitomo Fudousan Shiodome Hamarikyu Building B1F/1F/ 2F, 8-21-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

5 minutes walk from “Shiodome station” (Oedo line, Yurikamome line)

8 minutes walk from “Shinbashi station” (Yurikamome line, JR lines, Ginza line, Asakusa line)

9 minutes walk from “Higashi Ginza station” (Hibiya line, Asakusa line)

Organizers: TokenSky Organizing Committee, ASOBIMO, Inc.

Contact: tokensky@coincamp.jp

Opening tour

Token Economy Community gathering

・July 3rd 13:00-20:00(plan)

・Keynote speech at Cryptocurrency exchange → Dinner party on a boat

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Jul 4 - Jul 5, 2018
[ Wed ] - [ Thu ]
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM JST
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Belle Salle Shiodome
VIP_A_Ticket SOLD OUT ¥120,000
VIP_B_Ticket SOLD OUT ¥70,000
VIP_C_Ticket SOLD OUT ¥70,000
Tour Ticket SOLD OUT ¥30,000
Standard Ticket(Advance Ticket) SOLD OUT ¥5,000
Venue Address
中央区銀座8丁目21−1 Japan
TOKENSKY TOKYO事務局(2018年7月4日、5日にベルサール汐留にてアジア最大級のカンファレンスを開催)